Our Mission Statement

The Association's mission is to provide a responsible voice and leadership to the Volunteer Firefighters of Minnesota, with the intent being to minimize loss of life and property in all aspects of Volunteer Emergency Response.

The objectives of the Association shall be to establish harmony of action in the cultivation of benevolent fellowship in support of volunteer firefighter issues, assist with applications in securing grants, promote fire protection for all citizens, and promote the best interest of the volunteer firefighter and the fire service of this State. 

Objective that support the Mission:

  • To provide information, training and education for the Volunteer Firefighter.
  • To solicit statewide membership from every volunteer in Minnesota, and to encourage active and concerned participation in the Association's objectives.
  • To encourage co-operation with all Emergency Response organizations through participation on the Minnesota Fire Service Advisory Committee.

To establish responsible representation and leadership towards the role of the volunteer firefighter in fire prevention and public safety on all boards and agencies.

To organize the State into seven (7) geographic districts and adopt the Districts of the Minnesota State Volunteer Firefighters Association (MSVFA) as the MSVFA official regions.