Warren R. Jorgenson

I've been an active member of the MSVFA since the beginning in 2007. I believe the focus of this organization on volunteer firefighter issues and resources, is an invaluable resource for Minnesota. No other organization has a "single" focus.
As a community member joining a fire department can be a little scary at first. You know very little about the fire service. You are a "rookie" and it is normal to look for someone to mentor you as you move forward.
Some times you might be reluctant to ask questions that may seem to be stupid in your eyes and you feel you have no place to get an opinion. You don't want to appear ignorant so you don't ask.
When I joined the fire service in 1969 there was no organization that was dedicated to helping the volunteer firefighter. 
Today there is an organization that you can go to and ask questions and receive help, the Minnesota State Volunteer Firefighters Association.
 Please do not hesitate to email any of the board members or post your question on the forum so other members can respond also.