Selected State Laws Fire Relief Association

[Index to Relevant Statutes]

Chapter 6 – StateAuditor  §6.72
Chapter 13D –Open Meeting Law  §13D.01
Chapter 69 – Fireand Police Department Aid, Relief Associations   §§69.031, 69.051, 69.77 through 69.80
§ 69.39 [Repealed, 2002 c 392 art 1 s 9]
§ 69.78 -(Changed to § 69.77, subd. 12)
Chapter 317A –Nonprofit Corporations   §§317A.131 through 317A.151 and 317A.823
Chapter 356 –Retirement Systems, Generally  §§356.219 and 356.64
Chapter 356A –Public Pension Fiduciary Responsibility  §§ 356A.01through356A.13

356A.01 Definitions.
356A.02 Fiduciary status and activities.
356A.03 Prohibition of certain persons from fiduciary status.
356A.04 General standard of fiduciary conduct.
356A.05 Duties applicable to all activities.
356A.06 Investments; additional duties.
356A.07 Benefit summary; annual reports; additional duties.
356A.08 Plan administration; additional duties.
356A.09 Fiduciary breach; remedies.
356A.10 Cofiduciary responsibility and liability.
356A.11 Fiduciary indemnification.
356A.12 Jurisdiction; service of process; and statute oflimitations.
356A.13 Continuing fiduciary education.

Chapter 424A –Volunteer Firefighters’ Retirement  §§ 424A.001 through 424A.10 424A.001


424A.01 Membership in a volunteer firefighters' relief


424A.02 Volunteer firefighters; service pensions.
424A.021 Credit for break in service to provide uniformedservice.
424A.03 Uniformity of volunteer firefighter service pension and


424A.04 Volunteer relief associations; board of trustees.
424A.05 Relief association special fund.
424A.06 Relief association general fund.
424A.07 Nonprofit firefighting corporations; establishment of


424A.08 Municipality without relief association; authorized


424A.09 Application to certain relief associations.

State supplemental benefit; volunteer firefighters. Chapter 424B –Volunteer Firefighter Relief Associations,
Dissolutions, andConsolidations   §§ 424B.01 through424B.2

424B.01 Definitions.
424B.02 Consolidation authorized.
424B.03 Subsequent relief association.
424B.04 Governance of consolidated volunteer firefighters
424B.05 Special and general funds.
424B.06 Transfers.
424B.07 Dissolution of prior general fund balances.
424B.08 Termination of prior relief associations.
424B.09 Administrative expenses.
424B.10 Benefits; funding.
424B.20 Dissolution without consolidation.
424B.21 Annuity purchases upon dissolution.