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Through the clout of this Association's membership and the volunteer efforts of firefighters working together, MSVFA will make tremendous strides on behalf of all firefighters in Minnesota. This clout will enabled us to introduce and pass legislation aimed at improving working conditions and safety standards for volunteer firefighters. MSVFA will constantly working to help volunteer firefighters in Minnesota. We strive for involvement at every level. Members will serve on committees and projects both on the State and National level. MSVFA hopefully after October will have representation on the National Volunteer Fire Council, an advocacy group that works diligently on the national level for our nation's volunteer fire service. The MSVFA strongly encourages every volunteer firefighter to join the NVFC. Click here to join the NVFC

On the legislative level, MSVFA will continue to introduce and fight for legislation to improve the fire service, or to oppose legislation that would have a negative impact on the volunteer firefighter. We 'go to the wall' to assist State agencies to secure funds for their budget requirements. We assist the Minnesota Firefighters to facilitate the passage of legislation to improve and increase retirement benefits.

Emphasis on membership remains a very important priority. A combined effort of the current membership, plus the potential numbers of volunteer firefighters in the State (19,665 est 100 FDs have not reported yet), could accomplish much that is needed for the fire service. It is important to remember that numbers do count when dealing with the Legislature.

We believe that once you have read about and are familiar with what the Association has and will continue to accomplished for firefighters, you will want to join the thousands of active members who have decided to stand up and be counted.

As an Honorary member, you already benefit from the overall activities of the Association as well, but your addition to the active membership rolls would add to the numbers the organization needs to achieve its objectives on behalf of the entire fire service. As our active membership grows, additional benefits can also be implemented.

As you can see, most of the advantages enjoyed by the individual volunteer firefighter today can be traced to the collective efforts of a group of firefighters working through the mechanism of MSVFA.

Wouldn't you like to be a part of an organization to make a different in your profession? Your active membership is very important to us, because sometimes ONE PERSON can make the difference.

Joint today and help us to help you. Only $10 per year per active member and $30 per year for associate members.


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Valleyfair Amusement Park | One Valleyfair Drive | Shakopee, MN 55379 | General Info 952-445-6500

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Valleyfair Tickets

The MN State Volunteer Firefighters Association (MSVFA) announces discount tickets are available for MN volunteer firefighters again for the season. Adults and children over 48” save more than 30% off the gate price and there is no waiting in line to purchase tickets.

Tickets are good any day during the season or for ValleySCARE, so if you plan on going, get them early! Kids under 48” and seniors are the same as the gate price, but no waiting in line.

 For details and online ordering click the link below.


For more information call: 612-598-6369 or e-mail:




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National Firefighter Benefit Summit

The MSVFA will monitor activity for you and your interest at the summit.
National Firefighter Benefit Summit
NVFC Conference in September 2011. September 24, 2011 thru October 1, 2011, FASNY will host an event in Lake George combining the National Benefits Summit and the fall National Volunteer Fire Council meeting. These events are held for the enhancement of the volunteer fire services through information sharing, support and legislation representing the interests of volunteer firefighters nationwide.

The National Benefit Summit is an annual meeting which provides a forum to discuss and compare benefits for (primarily volunteer) Emergency Service Organizations from across the U.S. Held in a different location each year, representatives from each state association are invited to attend and share their benefits, concerns and ideas.