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Valleyfair Tickets

Valleyfair Tickets
Valleyfair Discount Tickets Available for MN Firefighters

The MN State Volunteer Firefighters Association (MSVFA) announces discount tickets are available for MN volunteer firefighters again for the 2015 season. This year all tickets will be purchased through the E-Ticket program and printed at home for immediate delivery. Tickets are good any day during the 2015 season or for ValleySCARE, so if you plan on going, get them early!

Ride and Refresh. This featured ticket will include park admission along with an UNLIMITED fountain drink wristband. This is an exceptional value for just $5 more per person/per ticket. (This is only available with E-Ticket purchase)

Gate pricing:
Regular admission at the gate: $47.00 + tax = $50.23
Jr/Sr admission at the gate: $31.99 + tax = $34.19 (does not include a voucher for Dinosaurs Alive)
Dinosaurs Alive at the gate: $5.00 (tax included)
Parking at the gate: $15.00 (tax included)
Ride and Refresh ticket: NOT available at the gate or online, ticket program only

E-Ticket Program Pricing: (Purchases subject to online processing fees)
Regular admission: $28.50 + tax = $30.46
Jr/Sr admission: $28.50 + tax = $30.46 (includes a voucher for Dinosaurs Alive)
Ride and Refresh: $33.50 + tax = $35.80
Dinosaurs Alive: $2.50 (tax included)
Parking: $12.00 (tax included)- there is a $3.00 cost savings on parking this year!

To access ticket sales, use the link below and log into the system using the username and password provided. Please note that the username and password are case-sensitive.
Username: MSVFA      Password: MSVFA15