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Recruit Volunteers to Your Department with Help from ‘Make Me A Firefighter’ Campaign By Chief Kevin D. Quinn, Chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council If your department is like most volunteer or combination departments in the U.S., you struggle to maintain the staffing needed to provide the adequate level of service to your community. The numbers are clear. The National Fire Protection Association reports that in 1984 there were 897,750 volunteer firefighters, and that in 2013 there were 786, 150. This is a 12 percent decrease. In that same time period, call volume has tripled, largely due to increased medical emergency calls.
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Volunteer firefighter and EMS recruitment The NVFC is excited to fully launch our new Make Me A Firefighter volunteer recruitment campaign on December 1. We need your help letting Minnesota State Fire Department Association members know about the campaign, the resources available to help them recruit new members, and to get their volunteer opportunities posted so potential volunteers can find them.
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